Synthentral 20170901

New episode of Synthentral is now online!

Today’s episode features music by The Cruxshadows, Twisted Destiny, Orchestral Maneuvers In The Dark, Cosaquitos en Globo, Neon Valley Kvlt, Riot Kitten, Crash Dump File, Chris Narvali, Alpha Boötis, Monody, Studio-X, Protera, Neonsol, Shiv-R, Machinista, 00tz 00tz, Stilz, VDevil, OctoLab, Kounter Mezhure, Kontradikshn, Keith McCoy, Ten Cent Toys, Paperkite, AEX, Mei Ohara, and The Presets!

Just click on the synthesizer below to listen!


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