No Man’s Sky: Galactic Economy Materials

NOTE UPDATE RELATED TO RELEASE OF NEXT:  The NEXT update ruined most of this. Parts no longer exist, new parts now exist, some stuff was renamed, and some of it you can now manufacture on your own. You are also less likely to get a mission where you have to purchase one of these items. Since the NEXT release, the overwhelming majority of “acquire” missions have been fulfilled by mining. “Delivery” mission you are given the part and asked to deliver it in a different system.

One thing you’ll definitely need and will come in handy is the refiner recipe page that’s being maintained over gamepedia:


In the latest No Man’s Sky update, there is a galactic economy. You can look for systems where your materials will sell for more or systems where you can buy cheaper. That is all fun and games, but the real reason to know this stuff is because you have to locate them during missions and deliver them to customers. You have to install the economy scanner in order to use the filter (you can purchase it from nanite traders in certain space stations).

Economy filter turned on in the galaxy view.

It took me days to go through all of these because I got tired of looking for them one-by-one. So I went to every single color-type (each type of economy is color-coded, just use the filter in the galaxy view to see the economy colors) and identifying all four sub-types within the man types.

These items can be obtained at either space stations or trading posts. If you don’t find it at the space station, then try the trading post. Keep an eye on the status of the economy (failed, average, moderate, opulent, etc.) as it will let you know how likely you are to find these items (and quantity) in each system’s economy. It should be noted that it is possible I missed something. If you find an items that’s sold in one of the economies, let me know and I’ll update the list!

Economy items at the space station terminal.

So here you go:


Energy Supply

        1. Spark Canister, Fusion Core, Ohmic Gel, Experimental Power Fluid, Industrial-Grade Battery

Fuel Generation

        1. Fusion Core, Ohmic Gel, Industrial-Grade Battery, Six-Pronged Mesh Decoupler, Spark Canister

Power Generation

        1. Fusion Core, Industrial-Grade Battery, Spark Canister, Ohmic Gel

High Voltage

      1. Ohmic Gel, Fusion Core, Spark Canister, Experimental Power Fluid


High Tech

        1. Welding Soap, Ion Capacitor, Autonomous Positioning Unit, Quantum Accelerator


        1. Autonomous Positioning Unit, Welding Soap, Decommissioned Circuit Board, Quantum Accelerator, Ion Capacitor, Neutron Microscope


        1. Autonomous Positioning Unit, Ion Capacitor, Welding Soap, Decommissioned Circuit Board


      1. Welding Soap, Decommissioned Circuit Board, Ion Capacitor, Quantum Accelerator, Autonomous Positioning Unit, Superconducting Fiber



        1. Superconducting Fiber, Carbon Nanotubes, Self-Repairing Heridium, Five Dimensional Torus, Optical Solvent


        1. Neural Duct, Organic Piping, Neutron Microscope, Instability Injector, De-Scented Pheromone Bottle


        1. Neural Duct, Organic Piping, Neutron Microscope, Instability Injector, De-Scented Pheromone Bottle

Metal Processing

      1. Optical Solvent, Five Dimensional Torus, Carbon Nanotubes, Superconducting Fiber, Neural Duct, Self-Repairing Heridium



        1. Star Silk, Ion Sphere, Decrypted User Data, Teleport Coordinators


        1. Star Silk, Decrypted User Data, Comet Droplets, Ion Sphere, Optical Solvent


        1. Comet Droplets, Star Silk, Teleport Coordinators, Ion Sphere, Decrypted User Data


      1. Teleport Coordinators, Comet Droplets, Five Dimensional Torus, Decrypted User Data, Ion Sphere


Mass Production

        1. Non-Stick Piston, Enormous Metal Cog, Holographic Crankshaft, High Capacity Vector Compressor, Six-Pronged Mesh Decoupler


        1. Non-Stick Piston, Six-Pronged Mesh Decoupler, High Capacity Vector Compressor, Enormous Metal Cog


        1. Non-Stick Piston, Enormous Metal Cog, Holographic Crankshaft, High Capacity Vector Compressor


      1. Non-Stick Piston, High Capacity Vector Compressor, Enormous Metal Cog, Six-Pronged Mesh Decoupler, Holographic Crankshaft



        1. Re-Latticed Arc Crystal, Unrefined Pyrite Grease, Bromide Salt, Polychromatic Zirconium, Dirt


        1. Re-Latticed Arc Crystal, Bromide Salt, Unrefined Pyrite Grease, Dirt

Ore Extraction

        1. Polychromatic Zirconium, Dirt, Bromide Salt, Unrefined Pyrite Grease, Non-Stick Piston, Holographic Crankshaft


      1. Polychromatic Zirconium, Unrefined Pyrite Grease, Re-Latticed Arc Crystal, Bromide Salt

Leaving the Scene

I am at the point in my life where I’m focusing on doing things that make me happy and eliminating stress in my life. I’ve retired from activism, removed a few negative things and people from my life, and unfollowed people on social networks who irritated me. I removed things that made me feel obligated to debate and get irritated at stupidity. It’s all about making my life happy and as stress free as possible.

One of the things that made me happy was doing standup comedy in Huntsville. I never had any intention of going “mainstream” or even really doing gigs outside of Huntsville (although I did a few). Doing standup was something that brought a smile to my face and helped alleviate the anger, frustration, and stress in my life.

But my life has changed. I’m happy now and no longer the frustrated and angry man that I was just six months ago. That anger and frustration was where my comedy came from. So now my standup is stressful to me because I have to reinvent myself and as hard as I’ve tried, I simply cannot find the comedy in my happiness. Sure, a joke or two here or there, but nothing to sustain the hobby of standup.

So after much deliberation, mulling, and thinking, I have decided to no longer do standup comedy. I will continue to be silly on Facebook and Twitter and I will continue to do The Critical Eye Podcast because those things still make me happy and are stress free.

While it took me some time to come to this decision, I’m not feeling bad about it, and that’s a good sign that I made the right decision.

Thank you to everyone who supported my standup over the years. You will always be appreciated. I hope you’ll continue to follow me on Facebook/Twitter and at The Critical Eye Podcast.

In addition, I hope you’ll stay and watch for my storm chasing stuff. I’ve been chasing storms at an amateur level for a very long time and recently decided to get more involved and dedicate myself more to it than normal. I’m now part of the Spotter Network and I’m looking forward to helping out my community and helping the NWS study tornadic activity, especially in the new Tornado Alley that is Alabama and Mississippi. I now have two dash cams ready to go and new apps that will help me chase better than ever before. I’ve also formed the North Alabama Storm Chasers on Facebook, so if you chase in the north Alabama area, please join the group and share your stories and ideas!

Netflix, Thou Doth Fucketh Me!

Netflix Bait & Switch Gifting

Oh Netflix, why do I love thee, even though thou doth fucketh me?

So back in December of 2012 I purchased a two-month gift subscription for two friends. They redeemed their gift on December 19th. And then in February and March of 2013 I was billed twice: once for my account and once for the gifted account.

So I contacted Netflix Customer Support today (3/21/2013) and they told me that at the end of the two months the subscription defaults to the “card on file,” which was the card I used to purchase the gift. Wait, how is my card the “card on file” when I just used it to purchase a two-month gift? I didn’t purchase a recurring membership: only a two-month gift subscription. At the end of the two months, Netflix should have asked the gift recipient for their credit card (even better, at the beginning when they first created their new account with my two-month gift).

Netflix said that it’s in the Terms of Service that it will default to the card on file. Again, why is my card the “card on file” since I didn’t purchase a recurring membership? You cannot tell me that I’m purchasing a two-month gift and then hide in the TOS somewhere that I’m really purchasing a recurring monthly membership.

Netflix did give me my money back. They also canceled the gifted account. That was the only way to resolve it, which means the recipients now have to create a brand new account and redo their Instant Queue list (sorry guys, I wish there had been another way).

While they did return my money and fix the issue, they insisted the entire time that they were not at fault and it was my fault for not reading the TOS about the “card on file.” Bullshit! I didn’t give them a “card on file.” I used a card to purchase a two-month membership for a gift. It stated explicitly that I was purchasing only two months and the gift card that was sent to the recipient stated explicitly that they had received a two month subscription.

This is classic Bait & Switch bullshit tactics and it should be considered credit card fraud on the part of Netflix since I clearly did not authorize my card for a recurring membership.

Shame on you Netflix! I wonder how many other people out there are paying for recurring memberships for other people when they only gifted a month or two. The small charge of $7.99 can easily be overlooked. After all, it took me two months to notice that I was getting billed twice since the charges were over twenty days apart.

I will never gift Netflix again. This is a serious flaw in Netflix’s gifting system that needs to be addressed, but as long as they’re using Bait & Switch and insisting the TOS covers their ass, people are going to get fucked over.