Thank You for the 2015 Music! #EBM #Futurepop #Synthpop #SynthpopRevival #Industrial #EDM


Thank you to the following bands for putting out new music in 2015 and making 2015 a little brighter!

#EBM #Futurepop #Industrial #Synthpop #SynthpopRevival #IndustrialDance #EDM #Darkwave

Above & Beyond – We Are All We Need
Aesthetic Perfection – Blood Spills Not Far from the Wound
A-ha – Cast In Steel
Alien Vampires – Drag You To Hell
Angels & Agony – Monument
Ashbury Heights – Looking Glass Society, The
Beborn Beton – Worthy Compensation, A
Biomekkanik – Violently Beautiful
Blancmange – Semi Detached
Blutengel – Omen
Camouflage – Greyscale
Chvrches – Every Open Eye
Conjure One – Holoscenic
Cyferdyne – Break Your Silence
Dan Terminus – Wrath of Code, The
Diary of Dreams – Grau Im Licht
!distain – Rainbow Skies at Night
Duran Duran – Paper Gods
Eisbrecher – Schock
Electrogenic – Double Exposure
Encephalon – Psychogenesis
Frozen Plasma – DEKADENZ
Galantis – Pharmacy
IAMX – Metanoia
Kaskade – Automatic
Madeon – Adventure
Marsheaux – Broken Frame, A
Mind.In.A.Box – Memories
Mindless Faith – Eden to Abyss
Moondragon – Miramar EP
Mordacious – SINXSTR
Mr Kitty – Fragments
Neuroticfish – Sign Of Life, A
New Division, The – Gemini
New Order – Music Complete
Prides – Way Back Up, The
Public Image Ltd – What The World Needs Now…
Purity Ring – Another Eternity
Regenerator – Hunger
Shiv-R – On Blackened Wings
Solar Fake – Another Manic Episode
Spark! – Spektrum
Suicidal Romance – Rêves & Souvenirs
They Might Be Giants – Glean
Timecop1983 – Reflections
Torul – Measure, The
Twin Shadow – Eclipse
VNV Nation – Resonance (Music for Orchestra)
X Marks the Pedwalk – House of Rain, The