Synthentral Top 100 of 2020

There was so much amazing music in 2020. Bands were putting out a lot of music while they were in lockdown and quarantine. This year saw more singles and EP’s for sure. In 2019 I had 612 albums by the end of this year. This year I only had 447. I had to narrow that down to just 100 and will have to narrow it down again to 50 and then finally to 30 for my Top 30 Show on Synthentral. Make sure to give it a listen when it posts on HearThis or MixCloud!

I have several rules I work with when narrowing down the albums to my top list:

  1. In order for an album to qualify, I must own the album, either through purchasing it on my own or given to me by the band or label. There were quite a few albums released in 2020 that were not provided to me by the band/label or I was not able to purchase.
  2. To qualify it must be an album. There are plenty of lists out there for “top songs” that cover singles and EPs. I want to recognize the artists who put in the time and effort to put out an album.
  3. To qualify as an album it must have at least seven original songs: remixes, new versions, cover albums, compilations, and “best of” do not qualify. Intro, outro and “intermission” songs do not count toward the total of original songs. This year instrumentals also did not count since I stopped playing instrumentals on the show.
  4. All albums are weighted so that an album with 7 songs has the same point system as an album with 12 songs.
  5. I judge each song individually. Then rate the album overall based on the individual song scores and overall listenability.
  6. I post the lists alphabetically and do not list them in a “countdown” style.

I fully recognize that my list is subjective and that others will have different lists or disagree with my choices. I love that others have different lists and are passionate about different bands and albums! Regardless, listen to the music and give it all a chance. I have “LISTEN HERE” links next to each album title, so give each band and album a chance and listen and support the bands you like!

The Synthentral Top 100 for 2020 (in alphabetical order):

11Grams - Humanicide
11Grams – Humanicide: LISTEN HERE
Abu Nein - Secular Psalms
Abu Nein – Secular Psalms: LISTEN HERE
Alanas Chosnau & Mark Reeder - Children Of Nature
Alanas Chosnau & Mark Reeder – Children Of Nature: LISTEN HERE
Alphamay - Conformity
Alphamay – Conformity: LISTEN HERE
Anders Manga - Andromeda
Anders Manga – Andromeda: LISTEN HERE
Anna Öberg - Varelser Inuti
Anna Öberg – Varelser Inuti: LISTEN HERE
Antiflvx - Platonic Perspectives (Brazilian Edition)
Antiflvx – Platonic Perspectives (Brazilian Edition): LISTEN HERE
Antilav - Ten Years Later
Antilav – Ten Years Later: LISTEN HERE
Armageddon Dildos - Dystopia
Armageddon Dildos – Dystopia: LISTEN HERE
Ashes 'N' Android - Razors Edge
Ashes ‘N’ Android – Razors Edge: LISTEN HERE
Assemblage 23 - Mourn
Assemblage 23 – Mourn: LISTEN HERE
Beyond Obsession - Revolution From Below
Beyond Obsession – Revolution From Below: LISTEN HERE
Biocarbon13 - Deathwatch
Biocarbon13 – Deathwatch: LISTEN HERE
The Birthday Massacre - Diamonds
The Birthday Massacre – Diamonds: LISTEN HERE
Black Nail Cabaret - Gods Verging On Sanity
Black Nail Cabaret – Gods Verging On Sanity: LISTEN HERE
BlakLight - Music In A Time Of Uncertainty
BlakLight – Music In A Time Of Uncertainty: LISTEN HERE
Brutalist Architecture In The Sun - Sadness Between Cities, The
Brutalist Architecture In The Sun – The Sadness Between Cities: LISTEN HERE
Circle Burn - Eigengrau
Circle Burn – Eigengrau: LISTEN HERE
Clan Of Xymox - Spider On The Wall
Clan Of Xymox – Spider On The Wall: LISTEN HERE
A Covenant Of Thorns - Black
A Covenant Of Thorns – Black: LISTEN HERE
The Coventry - Unspoken
The Coventry – Unspoken: LISTEN HERE
Стереополина - Институт культуры и отдыха
Стереополина – Институт культуры и отдыха: LISTEN HERE
Croona - Nobody Loves You
Croona – Nobody Loves You: LISTEN HERE
Damsel In The Dollhouse - Geisterschloss
Damsel In The Dollhouse – Geisterschloss: LISTEN HERE
Dance My Darling - Apoda
Dance My Darling – Apoda: LISTEN HERE
Dancing Plague - null
Dancing Plague – null: LISTEN HERE
Daniel Hall - Dark Horse
Daniel Hall – Dark Horse: LISTEN HERE
Death Loves Veronica - Lucid Dreams
Death Loves Veronica – Lucid Dreams: LISTEN HERE
Die Braut - Virtual Communication
Die Braut – Virtual Communication: LISTEN HERE
DILK - Hardship
Echoberyl - The Awakening Of A Mutant Girl
Echoberyl – The Awakening Of A Mutant Girl: LISTEN HERE
Ego Bliss - What The Future Holds
Ego Bliss – What The Future Holds: LISTEN HERE
Eisfabrik - Kryothermalmusik Aus Der Eisfabrik
Eisfabrik – Kryothermalmusik Aus Der Eisfabrik: LISTEN HERE
ES23 - Only Melodies Remain
ES23 – Only Melodies Remain: LISTEN HERE
FCH - Synaesthesia
FCH – Synaesthesia: LISTEN HERE
FHTH - Star Wormwood
FHTH – Star Wormwood: LISTEN HERE
First Aid 4 Souls - Fire
First Aid 4 Souls – Fire: LISTEN HERE
Formato Negativo - Biohazard
Formato Negativo – Biohazard: LISTEN HERE
Freezepop - Fantasizer
Freezepop – Fantasizer: LISTEN HERE
Frozen Plasma - Gezeiten
Frozen Plasma – Gezeiten: LISTEN HERE
Gabriel & Dresden - Remedy
Gabriel & Dresden – Remedy: LISTEN HERE
Hammershøi - Hammershøi
Hammershøi – Hammershøi: LISTEN HERE
Hatari - Neyslutrans
Hatari – Neyslutrans: LISTEN HERE
Jennifer Touch - Behind The Wall
Jennifer Touch – Behind The Wall: LISTEN HERE
JH-X9 - A Collision
JH-X9 – A Collision: LISTEN HERE
Jigsaw Sequence - Happiness
Jigsaw Sequence – Happiness: LISTEN HERE
Karl Kave - Solitude
Karl Kave – Solitude: LISTEN HERE
Kim Lunner - This Is Me
Kim Lunner – This Is Me: LISTEN HERE
Kiss Of The Whip - We're Not Here
Kiss Of The Whip – We’re Not Here: LISTEN HERE
Klonavenus - Motion:Less
Klonavenus – Motion:Less: LISTEN HERE
Klutæ - Queer For Satan
Klutæ – Queer For Satan: LISTEN HERE
Korine - The Night We Raise
Korine – The Night We Raise: LISTEN HERE
Linea Aspera - LP II
Linea Aspera – LP II: LISTEN HERE
Miseria Ultima - Graygarden
Miseria Ultima – Graygarden: LISTEN HERE
MORE - From The Past
N-Frequency - Signs Of Evolution
N-Frequency – Signs Of Evolution: LISTEN HERE
Neuroactive - Minor Side​-​Effects
Neuroactive – Minor Side​-​Effects: LISTEN HERE
The New Division - Hidden Memories
The New Division – Hidden Memories: LISTEN HERE
Noise Resistance - Insights Of Ego
Noise Resistance – Insights Of Ego: LISTEN HERE
Norderney - Insight Comes At The End
Norderney – Insight Comes At The End: LISTEN HERE
OctoLab - Mystery Park
OctoLab – Mystery Park: LISTEN HERE
Oldschool Union - Vartalovasara
Oldschool Union – Vartalovasara: LISTEN HERE
Oleg Xaler - Midnight
Oleg Xaler – Midnight: LISTEN HERE
Pandoria - Clean
Pandoria – Clean: LISTEN HERE
Panic Priest - Second Seduction
Panic Priest – Second Seduction: LISTEN HERE
Pitch Yarn Of Matter - Legacy
Pitch Yarn Of Matter – Legacy: LISTEN HERE
PreCog - Valediction
PreCog – Valediction: LISTEN HERE
Proleturan - Embryonic Brain Fuck
Proleturan – Embryonic Brain Fuck: LISTEN HERE
Provision - Hearts Turn Dark
Provision – Hearts Turn Dark: LISTEN HERE
Purwien & Kowa - Vier
Purwien & Kowa – Vier: LISTEN HERE
Razorback Hollow - Solus In Tenebris
Razorback Hollow – Solus In Tenebris: LISTEN HERE
Red Lokust - Whom The Gods Wish To Ruin, They First Drive Mad
Red Lokust – Whom The Gods Wish To Ruin, They First Drive Mad: LISTEN HERE
Riki - Riki
Riki – Riki: LISTEN HERE
Rojinski - Rojinski
Rojinski – Rojinski: LISTEN HERE
Rotersand - How Do You Feel Today
Rotersand – How Do You Feel Today: LISTEN HERE
Sacrothorn - Supernova
Sacrothorn – Supernova: LISTEN HERE
Scenius - Enough Fears
Scenius – Enough Fears: LISTEN HERE
Shad Shadows - Toxic Behaviours
Shad Shadows – Toxic Behaviours: LISTEN HERE
She Hates Emotions - Melancholic Maniac
She Hates Emotions – Melancholic Maniac: LISTEN HERE
SIN DNA - Transcendent
SIN DNA – Transcendent: LISTEN HERE
Social Ambitions - A New Frontier
Social Ambitions – A New Frontier: LISTEN HERE
spankthenun - Initial Decay Control
spankthenun – Initial Decay Control: LISTEN HERE
Stellar Dynamics - False
Stellar Dynamics – False: LISTEN HERE
Subject:2 - Love Betrayal Deceit
Subject:2 – Love Betrayal Deceit: LISTEN HERE
Sure - 20 Years
Sure – 20 Years: LISTEN HERE
Sven Rebentisch × Milian Hardt - Licht ∞ Wahrheit ∞ Frei Sein
Sven Rebentisch × Milian Hardt – Licht ∞ Wahrheit ∞ Frei Sein: LISTEN HERE
Tearful Moon - Under The Red Veil
Tearful Moon – Under The Red Veil: LISTEN HERE
Technophobia - Some Of Us Are Looking At The Stars
Technophobia – Some Of Us Are Looking At The Stars: LISTEN HERE
TOAL - Ritus Ex Silenti
TOAL – Ritus Ex Silenti: LISTEN HERE
Transcendent 7 - Equilibrium
Transcendent 7 – Equilibrium: LISTEN HERE
Trevor Something - microwaves
Trevor Something – microwaves: LISTEN HERE
Unterschicht - Krank (Lass Mich Allein)
Unterschicht – Krank (Lass Mich Allein): LISTEN HERE
Vandal Moon - Black Kiss
Vandal Moon – Black Kiss: LISTEN HERE
Vaylon - Legacy
Vaylon – Legacy: LISTEN HERE
The Violent Youth - Tam, Gde Nas Net
The Violent Youth – Tam, Gde Nas Net: LISTEN HERE
Voicecoil - Singularity
Voicecoil – Singularity: LISTEN HERE
White Door - The Great Awakening
White Door – The Great Awakening: LISTEN HERE
X-Marks The Pedwalk - Transformation
X-Marks The Pedwalk – Transformation: LISTEN HERE
Xelam - Rock And Roll
Xelam – Rock And Roll: LISTEN HERE