Synthentral’s Top 33 Albums of 2018

Synthentral‘s Top 33 Albums of 2018!

I normally do Top 30, but I could not in good conscience remove three more albums from my final list. Just getting down to 33 from the initial 500+ was hard enough as there was so much amazing music released in 2018.

Here are the criteria I used to qualify for the initial list of over 500 albums:

  1. Albums only: no singles or EP’s.
  2. The album could not be a remaster, re-release, remix or compilation album.
  3. The album had to have a minimum of 7 original songs.

I narrowed the 500 to 96, then to 47, and finally to 33 using the following:

  1. Did I want to listen to every song on the album and not fast forward or skip any songs?
  2. Did I want to listen to the album over and over again?
  3. Did the album make me “feel.”

I fully admit that the final three criteria are subjective and you may have chose a different Top 33 for 2018. Looking at some of the Top lists already put out I’m in disagreement with quite a few of them because art is subjective and music is art. I waited until the very end of 2018 to make sure I gave albums released in December a fair chance at the list.

I did not break the Top 33 down from 33 to number 1. I will list them (and play a song from them on the 12/28 show) in alphabetical order by band.

Check out the albums and if you like what you hear, then support the band: buy their albums, like their social media pages, and definitely go see them on tour!

Top 33 Albums of 2018 in alphabetical order by band name. Click on the band’s name to go to their social media page. Click on the album title to go where you can listen to and purchase the album. You can listen to the show featuring one song from each album HERE.

Aïboforcen, “Sense & Nonsense









APSÜRDE, “Inglourious Heroes










Ash Code, “Perspektive









Ashbury Heights, “The Victorian Wallflowers










Binary Park, “Life On Lines










Blume, “Ashes










Caustic, “American Carrion










Cesium_137, “Rise To Conquer










Cosmicity, “Twice Daily










A Covenant Of Thorns, “Shadows & Serenades










CTRL, “0009:










Defiant Machines, “Delirium










Echo Over Voices, “Bittersweet










Electro Spectre, “A Man-Made Sun










Future Lied To Us, “Presence










Gunship, “Dark All Day










Halo Effect, “SHOUT










Johan Baeckström, “Utopia










Korine, “New Arrangements










mitra mitra, “Marionettes










Neuroticfish, “Antidoron










Night Haze, “Love Is Chaos










Norderney, “From Fiction To Reality










Nórdika, “Venus










Occams Laser, “New Blood










Radioaktivists, “Radioakt One










Solitary Experiments, “Future Tense










Train To Spain, “A Journey










Unity One, “Awakening










V2A, “Gravity Killer










VNV Nation, “Noire










Wice, “Wice










Xenia Beliayeva, “Riss