Music Time! “Women of Synth” (Volume 2: C to E) Edition! 11/05/16

Wendy Carlos working on the music from Disney's TRON.

Wendy Carlos working on the music from Disney’s TRON.

I love most everything synth-based, especially Synthpop, Futurepop, EBM, Industrial, Industrial Dance, Synthwave, Darkwave, etc. Hell, I even like some synth-based New Age music (in other words, not Yanni). But you know what I really like? Those genres with women vocalists! So it’s music time with women vocalists in the Synthpop, Futurepop, EMB, Industrial, and Darkwave world! I didn’t realize there were so many until I actually started thinking about it. There are so many I’ve had to break this up! So here is Volume 2: C to E!

ARTIST: Capsize
SONG: Do You Believe The Lies (Cistrans Remix)
ALBUM: Perfect Wreck, A (Limited Edition)
YEAR: 2006

SONG: Petals
ALBUM: 11-11
YEAR: 2012

SONG: By The Throat
ALBUM: The Bones Of What You Believe (Deluxe Edition)
YEAR: 2013

ARTIST: Class Actress
SONG: Need To Know
ALBUM: Rapprocher
YEAR: 2011

ARTIST: Client
SONG: Authority
ALBUM: Authority
YEAR: 2014

SONG: Late Nights
ALBUM: Pleasure
YEAR: 2015

ARTIST: Collide
SONG: Crushed
ALBUM: Some Kind Of Strange
YEAR: 2003

ARTIST: The Crystalline Effect
SONG: How I Get Out
ALBUM: Identity (Deluxe Edition)
YEAR: 2008

ARTIST: Day Twelve
SONG: Sky Punch (Alt Mix)
YEAR: 2016

ARTIST: Daybehavior
SONG: Devil In Me
ALBUM: Have You Ever Touched A Dream
YEAR: 2003

SONG: The Unicorn
ALBUM: The Unicorn EP
YEAR: 2015

ARTIST: Diffuzion
SONG: Wired Tunes
ALBUM: Body Code (Limited Deluxe Edition)
YEAR: 2008

ARTIST: Dissonance
SONG: Fearless
ALBUM: Reincarnate
YEAR: 2001

ARTIST: Distorted Reality
SONG: In My Dream
ALBUM: Fine Line Between Love And Hate, The (Deluxe Edition)
YEAR: 2002

ARTIST: Effcee
SONG: Gentle Devastation
ALBUM: Perfect (Deluxe Edition)
YEAR: 2004

Ego Likeness are currently on tour with Adoration Destroyed and will be at Elysium Austin on 11/12, so come out for two great bands!

ARTIST: Ego Likeness
SONG: The Breach
ALBUM: Water to the Dead
YEAR: 2004

ARTIST: Eight to Infinity
SONG: Carbon Dating
ALBUM: Aether
YEAR: 2006

ARTIST: Einsend
SONG: Fue (Original Mix)
ALBUM: Primary Remixes
YEAR: 2008

ARTIST: Electrogenic
SONG: Another Day
ALBUM: Double Exposure
YEAR: 2015

ARTIST: Elen Cora
SONG: Days And Dreams
ALBUM: House Of Cards
YEAR: 2012

SONG: Distance
ALBUM: Nomme (Expanded Edition)
YEAR: 2011

What list of women in synth would be complete without the amazing vocals of Annie Lennox?!?!?!?!

ARTIST: Eurythmics
SONG: Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This)
ALBUM: Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This)
YEAR: 1983

SONG: Give Retaliation
ALBUM: Awake From The Sleepers
YEAR: 2011

20160517: Texas Storms

Lane and I headed out around 1700 with the goal of Junction, TX in mind. We didn’t make it as far as Junction because of traffic, but that worked out as we hit a new cell forming near Harper, TX. The cell exploded quickly and became severe quickly as well. We found a great vantage point of the structure, lightning, and what we think was at least a funnel (possibly a tornado, but the ground was obscured by trees along the horizon). We only saw rotation for a single radar sweep and then it was gone, and the video/photo suggests if it was there, it was very brief.

Afterward, we attempted to head to Kerrville to head off the line of storms approaching I-10. We didn’t make it because the rain and hail from the Harper cell, winding and flooding roads make going very slow. By the time we got north of Kerrville we were in the core of a larger cell dropping 2.5″ hail on us with accumulation on the road and hail fog dropping (along with pouring wind-driven rain) dropping visibility to 10 feet at times and extremely difficult to even see the lines on the road. It was very slow going.

Once we reached the I-10 we tried to race SE toward San Antonio to catch the line there, but again, we didn’t make it. This time because of pounding rain and winds, jack-knifed trucks, hydroplaning cars, etc. We were under the front winds for over an hour. We couldn’t get ahead of them and waiting for them would have put us in the harder rain and hail for the entire drive to San Antonio.

After reaching north San Antonio we decided to call it a night and head over to the I-35. There we ran into major flooding, vehicles stuck in the water with people trapped and water rescues occurring (one of which we had to call 911). It was slow going but we finally got clear of the heavy rain and into smoother sailing on the Interstate between New Braunfels and San Marcos. Ended the night at Denny’s at 0230 eating pancakes and french toast. Then up until 0500 trying to figure out if we actually saw a funnel or not on the Harper storm. We submitted what we had and the evidence we had to NWS San Antonio for them to determine what we may or may not have seen.

With that said… let’s get to pics and videos! As always, click on an image to see the full size.

It was pretty dark when we got to Harper. Luckily the camera increased the ambient light so we could see the structure better, but doing so makes the pictures a bit grainy:


Lightning helped us see the structure better:


When it got too dark for even the camera to use ambient light, we had to rely solely on lightning. We saw a lowering several times and then finally caught a wall cloud:


The wall cloud continued to develop quickly and became this:


Then we started to see what we thought was at least a funnel, but just could not be sure in the dark, even with the aid of lightning. It wasn’t until we got home and went through the video frame by frame that we feel we were in fact looking at a funnel and possible tornado.

There was one lightning strike that shows a funnel. However, we fully concede that this is possibly a trick of the light. But given the other frames we caught, we are including this one as well:


Then there’s this single frame:


Then we found five frames where it seems clear to us that there’s at least a funnel and possibly a tornado on the ground. I’ll include all five frames below and then the GIF we created with the frames where you can see rotation. I used ACDSee to lighten the frames up so their more visible.






And here’s the GIF:


Then we drove through that core with 1″ hail and head toward Kerrville. Along North Ranch Road 783 between Harper and Kerrville (about 5 miles north of I-10) we encountered hail and fog, then hail accumulation (oh, that’s why it’s suddenly foggy lol), and then increasingly larger hail up to 2.5″ with horrendous visibility.

A quick stop in Kerrville at a gas station then the long windy and rainy ride down toward San Antonio where we encountered this (luckily the lightning helped illuminate the shot):


While heading into the north San Antonio area we passed eight fire trucks and two ambulances heading west on the I-10. Either we had just missed on helluva pileup or there was an 8 alarm fire somewhere. We never could find any news about it, though.

We gave up the chase essentially as there was no way to catch up to the line after taking so long to get from Kerrville in the pounding rain. Then we ran into flooding, floating cars, and water rescues…

This one we had to call 911 on. There were two cars stuck total and neither would roll down their windows and answer our calls. The drive of the vehicle behind this one finally got out and pushed his floating car back south until he hit concrete and then kept pushing. When the Fire Department showed up, it turned out no one was in this car and they had already abandoned it. While the firetruck was sitting there, with two cars swamped, several cars went AROUND the firetruck and tried to make it through. The Lincoln made it through the water, but stalled out less than a block after the water. The Kia Soul tried to run with a set of tires on the sidewalk, which helped mostly, but in the long run they got too much water in the engine and bogged down after they hit the edge of the flooding. People are stupid.


Then it was zig-zagging between I-35 and the service road to avoid flooding on each. The second one we encountered had two vehicles stalled in the right two lanes of the I-35 and a vehicle stalled on the exit ramp with a Sheriff on the service road with his lights on stopping people on the service road. Traffic was not stopped on the I-35. The far left lane was passable, but was already getting water on it. Our concern, especially since the two cars on the Interstate still had people in them, was that someone was going to come barreling in and hit them.


We passed two more water rescues happening in underpasses, but at that point kept driving instead of stopping.

Thank You for the 2015 Music! #EBM #Futurepop #Synthpop #SynthpopRevival #Industrial #EDM


Thank you to the following bands for putting out new music in 2015 and making 2015 a little brighter!

#EBM #Futurepop #Industrial #Synthpop #SynthpopRevival #IndustrialDance #EDM #Darkwave

Above & Beyond – We Are All We Need
Aesthetic Perfection – Blood Spills Not Far from the Wound
A-ha – Cast In Steel
Alien Vampires – Drag You To Hell
Angels & Agony – Monument
Ashbury Heights – Looking Glass Society, The
Beborn Beton – Worthy Compensation, A
Biomekkanik – Violently Beautiful
Blancmange – Semi Detached
Blutengel – Omen
Camouflage – Greyscale
Chvrches – Every Open Eye
Conjure One – Holoscenic
Cyferdyne – Break Your Silence
Dan Terminus – Wrath of Code, The
Diary of Dreams – Grau Im Licht
!distain – Rainbow Skies at Night
Duran Duran – Paper Gods
Eisbrecher – Schock
Electrogenic – Double Exposure
Encephalon – Psychogenesis
Frozen Plasma – DEKADENZ
Galantis – Pharmacy
IAMX – Metanoia
Kaskade – Automatic
Madeon – Adventure
Marsheaux – Broken Frame, A
Mind.In.A.Box – Memories
Mindless Faith – Eden to Abyss
Moondragon – Miramar EP
Mordacious – SINXSTR
Mr Kitty – Fragments
Neuroticfish – Sign Of Life, A
New Division, The – Gemini
New Order – Music Complete
Prides – Way Back Up, The
Public Image Ltd – What The World Needs Now…
Purity Ring – Another Eternity
Regenerator – Hunger
Shiv-R – On Blackened Wings
Solar Fake – Another Manic Episode
Spark! – Spektrum
Suicidal Romance – Rêves & Souvenirs
They Might Be Giants – Glean
Timecop1983 – Reflections
Torul – Measure, The
Twin Shadow – Eclipse
VNV Nation – Resonance (Music for Orchestra)
X Marks the Pedwalk – House of Rain, The


Alabama: Get Over Yourself

GayAlabamaThe Alabama probate judges reversed their opinion on the issuance of gay marriage licenses in the state of Alabama, after the federal judge clarified her position (because the probate judges initially said her ruling only applied to the couple in the case) in order to inform the probate judges that they were fucking morons who didn’t understand the law, and that it actually did apply to THE ENTIRE FUCKING STATE!

Then, just a few hours later, Tommy Ragland announces that there are staff shortages and that no marriage licenses or JOP ceremonies will be performed starting Monday. He insists that this was planned for months. So let me get this straight, you’ve had staff shortages for months, but decided months ago to not do anything about it until months later (aka this fucking Monday)? Am I really hearing this right?

Skeptical Blair is skeptical…

And then of course, our idiot Chief Justice, Roy Moore, decides to get involved and tell the Governor of Alabama to ignore the federal judge. Yeah, how’d that go for you last time Moore when you ignored a federal judge and were impeached?

Speaking of that, how in the motherfucking fuck, did an impeached Chief Justice get reelected to Chief Justice? How the fuck does that even happen? Oh yeah, because here in Alabama, if you love Jesus more than everyone else, you’ll get elected over the guy who actually knows how to do the job. I’d give Moore a tiny bit of slack if he actually knew how to be a fucking judge. But Moore is the most over-turned judge in the history of Alabama! He’s a judicial nightmare who wouldn’t know the law if it slapped him with a gay penis on his forehead!

It’s time for Roy Moore to retire and STFU. It’s time for Alabama to get over itself and move on.

20140817 Storms in Meridianville, Moore’s Mill and Gurley

On Sunday, 8/17, storms rolled through the Tennessee Valley, heading generally east. I started following the storms just northwest of Meridianville and followed them to just east of Gurley. These storms were not tornadic and showed no signs of rotation. They were moderate lightning generators and produced light to moderate winds with moderate rain. Don’t forget to check out our Alabama Storm Chasers & Spotters group on Facebook!

Video of the first cell I encountered northwest of Meridianville. I was at the 9600 block of Patterson Rd.

A couple of animated GIFs from that same cell:

20140817 Animated GIF 002

20140817 Animated GIF 001


Photos of the first cell:





Some of the lightning shots from the day (click on the image to see the full size photo):

20140817 VidCap 004

US-231 Southbound, intersection of Meridian Rd.

20140817 VidCap 014

Southbound on Naugher Rd at Intersection of Winchester Rd. Strike is on Alpha Lane.

20140817 VidCap 015

Southbound on Naugher Rd at Intersection of Winchester Rd. Strike is on Alpha Lane.

20140817 VidCap 024

Across from the Sunoco on Naugher Rd. looking east along Winchester Rd.

20140817 VidCap 038

Sitting at intersection of US-72 & Dug Hill Rd looking east along US-72. Strike near Gurley.

20140817 VidCap 041

Sitting at intersection of US-72 & Dug Hill Rd looking east along US-72. Striking the radio tower northwest of Gurley.

20140817 VidCap 042

Sitting at intersection of US-72 & Dug Hill Rd looking east along US-72. Mountain strike northwest of Gurley.

20140817 VidCap 043

Sitting along US-72 at Brock Rd looking east. Strike northwest of Gurley.

For some reason my dashcam is doing this weird thing with lightning:

20140817 VidCap 001

20140817 VidCap 008

20140817 VidCap 027