20150422: Moore’s Mill Storms

Hail core heading eastward away from Moore's Mill & Maysville area.

Hail core heading eastward away from Moore’s Mill & Maysville area.

20150422: On 4/22 storms rapidly developed in the Huntsville area and moved eastward. Because I had to work, I missed the buildup and beginning of the storms and started chasing literally as the storms were over my house. The core was 1/4 mile south of my house. The chase begins in my driveway (Moore’s Mill/Chase Valley) and goes to the Maysville area where we parked and watched the hail core head east toward S. Pittsburgh, AL.

I put together a video showcasing the hail core breach, lightning shots, and a timelapse of the hail core heading east.

20150331: North Alabama Storms


I forgot to post this after the 3/31 storm chase. Nothing scary or super exciting. We chased for the lightning and hail mostly. No real tornado threat on the cell we chased.

20150331: Storms entered the North Alabama area heading ESE. We began chasing this cell in Athens, AL with the cell almost due west of us. We went all the way to Russellville where we finally entered the cell and were able to breach the core, down to Trinity where we breached the core a second time, over to Decatur and then finally back to Huntsville.

Our first core breach was over the Tennessee River on the SR-101 bridge in Joe Wheeler State Park:

We were able to get back in front of the storm and had a second core breach near Trinity, AL on the US-72 looking toward Nucor Steel.

I created a compilation of some of the lightning we saw that night from the start in Athens to the finish.

BWAHAHA 4/18 – 4/24

BWAHAHA (Blair’s Week Attempts at Haha’s) 4/18 – 4/24: Just as I’m starting to feel better with the upper respiratory infection (which I still have three weeks later), I blow my back out doing trivial shit. Back problems are so weird. I can lift 30lb boxes all day and be just fine and then lean over to grab the garlic powder and be paralyzed for life. This blowout is really bad. It’s actually caused partial paralysis and the pain was (and is) excruciating. Going to the ER wasn’t going to do me any good sitting in those shitty plastic chairs for five hours just waiting for triage. So I opted to go see my regular doctor so I could get a referral to a neurologist. In the meantime, while waiting for that appointment to come around, I’ll just sit here in pain. Thanks American healthcare system! We’re #1! We’re #1! We’re #1!

I’m honored to now be part of the Tornado Wx Chasers team! Providing the public with severe weather alerts, information, and ground truth from chasers and spotters. ‪#‎ForeverChasing‬


  • GF: Why do you always have to argue? Me: What are you talking about? I never argue.
  • While my back blowout has caused me issues and excruciating pain, it solved two existing issues. Nerves are fickle.
  • Luckily, I don’t listen to my doctor. My doc said, “Take as needed for pain.” I’d take one every minute and OD if I listened to my doctor!


  • Nothing says the weekend like Pepsi and Anal Lube.

    Nothing says the weekend like Pepsi and Anal Lube.

  • Switzerland reports that the few citizens who couldn't read English all drowned yesterday.

    Switzerland reports that the few citizens who couldn’t read English all drowned yesterday.

BWAHAHA 4/11 – 4/17

BWAHAHA (Blair’s Week Attempts at Haha’s) 4/11 – 4/17: I hate going to the doctor’s office. Primary reason is money. Other reasons are all the lost time sitting in waiting rooms; the high probability that the doctor is going to tell me to do what I’m already fucking doing because I have 43 years of experience dealing with sickness, injuries (oh, and all that EMT training and working in a fucking hospital), etc.; the view of other sick people (seriously, hospitals and clinics are fucking depressing); the pretty damn good chance that a doc-in-the-box or ER doc (because that’s where I have to go since it takes weeks to get an appointment with my “regular” doctor, who I actually only see when I need a fucking physical) is just going to give me antibiotics without even knowing if I have a bacterial or viral problem, thus taking a huge risk of further creating antibiotic resistant bacteria (newsflash creationists, if evolution wasn’t true, we’d all still be using Penicillin); lastly, the chance that I could catch some other bacteria or virus from some asshole in the waiting room who doesn’t know how to cover his fucking mouth when he coughs in public. So yeah, fuck doctor’s offices, hospitals, etc. So with that being said… when I do go to the doctor, you know it’s really bad and probably a 90% chance that the zombiepocalypse would have started if I had not gone.


  • Shaving your head while sweating is like mowing the grass when it’s wet. #LessonsLearned
  • Since we know psychic powers are bullshit, why are we so surprised when predictive text fails.
  • Drenched in sweat, covered in dirt, metal shavings, WD-40, wood chips, and ant eggs. Yep, I’d call that a productive day.
  • I’m so sick & miserable right now that I think I’d accept an offer of heroin at this point. UGH!
  • Sickness therapy: water, hot tea with honey, glass of Fireball.
  • I can’t tell if I put too much cayenne, jalapeno, habanero, or ghost pepper in the sausage.


  • You’re so fine if I had a heart attack right now, I’d totally Die Hard! #MovieTitlePickUpLines @hsvcomedy
  • You wanna join my Breakfast Club? Join the ranks of those I’ve eaten breakfast with the morning after? #MovieTitlePickUpLines @hsvcomedy
  • I feel like doing a little spelunking. Wanna play Raiders of the Lost Ark? #MovieTitlePickUpLines @hsvcomedy
  • Wanna see my Excalibur? Then you can be my Princess Bride! #MovieTitlePickUpLines @hsvcomedy
  • You really light my St. Elmo’s Fire! #MovieTitlePickUpLines @hsvcomedy
  • If we go go out, there are 3 rules: no bright lights, don’t get me wet, and don’t feed me after midnight. #MovieTitlePickUpLines @hsvcomedy
  • I can tell with you that I won’t just need a condom, but a Full Metal Jacket. #MovieTitlePickUpLines @hsvcomedy


  • This is how the Apocalypse starts...

    This is how the Apocalypse starts…

  • Thanks to this picture, no innocent people were charged with the murder of Bob.

    Thanks to this picture, no innocent people were charged with the murder of Bob.

  • What video game is about to become real life?

    What video game is about to become real life?

BWAHAHA 4/4 – 4/10

BWAHAHA (Blair’s Week Attempts at Haha’s) 4/4 – 4/10: This was a super fun week for us. We went to Memphis to enjoy the sights, sounds, and foods. We also got to hang out with some friends I haven’t seen in a couple of years since I left the movement. Going back into that scene there were a few times where I was reminded of why I left the movement in the first place. What’s the movement? I’m not going to explain it. It’s too long of a story. Those who know what I’m talking about benefit here.

Thanks to recent events, we’re more broke than normal. That made the decision to go or not to Memphis a tough one. We had already paid for the hotels months ago. So we just had to come up with gas and food costs. This meant that the money we did spend needed to count. So eating at places with horrible food just really pissed us off. Ribs are ribs are ribs, right? Well, they should be. What should separate a place is not the meat, but the sauce. Unfortunately, there are places that don’t know how to cook the meat properly. The only reason they still exist is because of tourism (I’m still irked at myself for falling into a tourist trap). The locals do not eat there because they know better. Well, now we know better too. If you do know how to cook the meat so it’s perfect, you better have a damn good sauce! So why were two places using fucking Kraft BBQ sauce? Seriously!?!?!?!? If you didn’t buy it off the shelf and actually made it yourself, why would you make a sauce that tastes just fucking like Kraft BBQ sauce?

The crazy part of the trip was that everything we wanted to do was closed. Mud Island opened up the weekend after our visit. The Botanical Gardens were closed for a stupid Easter Egg hunt (fuck you Easter Bunny, you fascist commie neo-Nazi pig). The Civil Rights Museum was closed because it was the anniversary of the assassination of MLK. We actually decided to go to that, but realized quickly that it was way too crowded and parking and traffic were a nightmare. So we spent our days and most nights on Beale St. That was just fine with us.


  • Listening to foreign tourists is always fun. “German German German German Memphis best ribs German German Elvis German German German.”
  • Found my new look.

    Found my new look.

  • I just thought the world should know that Suzie is in the bathroom singing Staying Alive by the Bee Gees. I love that woman! LOL
  • All in a line for me. Hoping for some good lightning shots. Chasing after 3am. Lol

    All in a line for me. Hoping for some good lightning shots. Chasing after 3am. Lol

  • When I see other players on a Destiny map, I go help them. But here I am, fighting all the big stuff… by myself. LOL
  • Seriously, deodorant is a thing. Fucking use it! We don’t want to smell you from fifteen feet away. Oh, and patchouli makes it worse. Ugh!
  • Accidental twinsies tonight. Both in khakis, black shirt, and hiking shoes. Waiting outside for Seabound. — at The Masquerade.

    Accidental twinsies tonight. Both in khakis, black shirt, and hiking shoes. Waiting outside for Seabound. — at The Masquerade.

  • Current playlist… I’m sensing a theme here…
    • I’m So Sick
    • I Can’t Breathe
    • Sick and Tired
    • Sickliest Creep
    • Down With The Sickness
    • Flatline


  • I Rage Quit My Life #MyTombstoneIn5Words @midnight
  • He Died Screaming… At Republicans #MyTombstoneIn5Words @midnight
  • Miracle He Lived That Long #MyTombstoneIn5Words @midnight
  • Poor Fellow Drowned in Jell-O #MyTombstoneIn5Words @midnight
  • Stupid Mortals Crucified Me Again #MyTombstoneIn5Words @midnight
  • Quit Smoking, Died While Exercising #MyTombstoneIn5Words @midnight
  • Took His Ball & Went Home #MyTombstoneIn5Words @midnight
  • Failed To Start the Zombiepocalypse #MyTombstoneIn5Words @midnight
  • Missed It By This Much #MyTombstoneIn5Words @midnight
  • Hey, Someone Video Tape This #MyTombstoneIn5Words @midnight
  • Wow, Lightning Does Strike Twice #MyTombstoneIn5Words @midnight
  • Lasted Longer Than Four Hours #MyTombstoneIn5Words @midnight