798162_478582875523323_858696743_oHowdy fuckers!

I used to be an activist (so a lot of the old posts here are related to my activism). I was an activist for 23 years and retired in 2012 in order to pursue comedy (which I’ve stopped doing since moving to Austin), concentrate more on my storm chasing, and my love of music (more so since moving to Austin).

Navy veteran. Resident of Austin, TX. Father of twin daughters. Two-time divorcee who found a woman I truly love and who doesn’t want to get married: ever. Vaping advocate (5+ years cigarette free). Smartass. World traveler: Europe, North Africa, Middle East, North America, and parts of South America.

Twitter: @blairscott_al
Facebook: rblairscottTX
YouTube: blairscottcomedy
Email: rblairscott@gmail.com