798162_478582875523323_858696743_oHowdy fuckers!

I used to be an activist (so a lot of the old posts here are related to my activism). I was an activist for 23 years and retired in 2012 in order to pursue comedy (which I’ve stopped doing since moving to Austin, so a lot of the old posts here are related to my comedy), concentrate more on my storm chasing (which ironically enough has been less since moving to Texas – got more storms in Alabama), and my love of music (more so since moving to Austin with its amazing music scene).

Navy veteran. Resident of Austin, TX. Two-time divorcee who found a woman I truly love and who doesn’t want to get married: ever. Vaping advocate (8+ years cigarette free). Smartass. World traveler: Europe, North Africa, Middle East, North America, and parts of South America.

Twitter: @blairscott_al
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Email: rblairscott@gmail.com