One Harvest: An Underutilized Food Source

As a broke person, groceries are the biggest hurdle and they cost so damn much. We found a program recently that gives you a lot of food for a very low price.

Today we went and picked up the food box and we were the only ones who ordered! We could not believe that we were the only ones who had ordered! This is a great program that you should be taking advantage of!

Below is a picture of all the food we got for $46. They have different packages to choose from each month and you can buy as many boxes/packages as you want. There are no requirements or checks performed on anyone using the program.

One Harvest is a ministry-based program, so put aside any religious differences you have. They don’t preach and don’t say a damn thing to you. Take advantage of this program! The amount of food we got will last us a month and all we have to buy are some side items.

The deadline for the next order is 6/10. You can pick the location nearest you. If you’re on EBT, you can still use the program, but you’ll have to order in person at designated locations (using the location finder with your zip code, EBT approved sites will say such).