Synthentral Top 30 Albums of 2019

The amount of amazing music released in 2019 was overwhelming at times. I was able to get my hands on 612 full length albums in 2019. Throw in EP’s and singles and the year was incredibly prolific for the synth-based scenes. I had the daunting task of narrowing those 600+ albums down to just 30. I released a Top 100 first (you can find that HERE) and now it’s the Top 30!


I have several rules I use when narrowing down releases to my Top 30 Albums:

  1. In order for an album to qualify, I must own the album, either through purchasing it on my own or it being given to me by the band, label, promotional team, or DJ distribution service. There are 47 albums released in 2019 that I do not own. I’m sure there are more than 47 as no matter how hard I try to stay on top of new releases there’s no way to catch 100% of them. This is one of many reasons why it is so important to get the music to DJs!
  2. To qualify, the release must be an album and not an EP or single. There are plenty of lists out there for “top songs” that cover singles and EPs.
    1. To qualify as an album it must have at least seven original songs. Remixes, new versions of previous releases, and covers do not count toward the total. Intro and Outro songs as well as brief intermission style songs do not count toward the total of original songs. If an album has 12 songs, but only seven original songs, then the album qualifies, but only those seven songs are rated.
  3. All albums are rated using a weighted average so that an album with 7 songs has the same point system as an album with 12 songs. This prevents a seven song album from losing 14 points/song when a 12 song album would only lose 8 points/song.
  4. Every qualifying song on an album needs to be listenable. I want to listen to the entire album from start to finish. This rule accounts for most of the initial removals from the 600 plus releases.
  5. Any genres represented in my show can make the Top 30.
  6. I fully recognize that my list is subjective and that others will have different lists or disagree with my choices. I try my best to be objective using the weighted average rating system and when it comes time to delete albums with lower scores, I don’t look at the names of the bands I’m deleting so there’s no chance I’ll bump an album because I really like the band or I’m friends with the drummer, etc. I have no doubt given human psychology that no matter how hard I try or what rules I put in place, I do not eliminate all personal bias. But I guess that’s what makes these lists subjective.

I don’t rank them from 30 to 1. That’s too much work, honestly (given that I start from over 600), and almost impossible given the scope of genres I work with. This process takes weeks, working hours each day, and ten hours on weekends. After the first rating getting it to just 100 songs, I go through and re-rate the albums with a more brutal rating system, then have to do it again and again until I get down to just 30.

I hope you give each album and band a chance. If you find something you like then support the band: follow them on social media, buy their music and merch, and definitely go see them on tour!

So with all that said, here is my Synthentral Top 30 Albums of 2019 (in alphabetical order):

Conmutadores - Tridimensional

Conmutadores – Tridimensional (LISTEN HERE)

Culture Kultür - Humanity

Culture Kultür – Humanity (LISTEN HERE)

Dancing Plague - Too Still

Dancing Plague – Too Still (LISTEN HERE)

Dark-O-Matic - New Hope

Dark-O-Matic – New Hope (LISTEN HERE)

Empyres - Cruel Bastards

Empyres – Cruel Bastards (LISTEN HERE)

Faderhead - Asteria

Faderhead – Asteria (LISTEN HERE)

Fractal Age - Modern World

Fractal Age – Modern World (LISTEN HERE)

Glass Apple Bonzai - The All-Nite Starlite Electronic Café

Glass Apple Bonzai – The All-Nite Starlite Electronic Café (LISTEN HERE)

Harmjoy - Iron Curtain. Velvet Glove.

Harmjoy – Iron Curtain. Velvet Glove. (LISTEN HERE)

Insight - A New Day

Insight – A New Day (LISTEN HERE)

Intent:Outtake - Days Of Doom

Intent:Outtake – Days Of Doom (LISTEN HERE)

Iris - Six

Iris – Six (LISTEN HERE)

Machinista - Anthropocene

Machinista – Anthropocene (LISTEN HERE)

Mind Machine - Return To The Machine

Mind Machine – Return To The Machine (LISTEN HERE)

Mondträume - Lovers, Sinners & Liars

Mondträume – Lovers, Sinners & Liars (LISTEN HERE)

Mr.Kitty - Ephemeral

Mr.Kitty – Ephemeral (LISTEN HERE)

Neuropa - Close To Midnight

Neuropa – Close To Midnight (LISTEN HERE)

Orange Sector - Alarm

Orange Sector – Alarm (LISTEN HERE)

Prometheus Flame - Karma Reloaded

Prometheus Flame – Karma Reloaded (LISTEN HERE)

Romy - Celluloid Self

Romy – Celluloid Self (LISTEN HERE)

Ruined Conflict - Valediction

Ruined Conflict – Valediction (LISTEN HERE)

Signal Aout 42 - Insurrection

Signal Aout 42 – Insurrection (LISTEN HERE)

Silent EM - The Absence

Silent EM – The Absence (LISTEN HERE)

Soft Riot - When Push Comes To Shove

Soft Riot – When Push Comes To Shove (LISTEN HERE)

SoftWave - GAME ON


Spark! - Chaos

Spark! – Chaos (LISTEN HERE)

Third Realm - The Art Of Despair

Third Realm – The Art Of Despair (LISTEN HERE)

Torul - Hikikomori

Torul – Hikikomori (LISTEN HERE)

Uncreated - Eternal

Uncreated – Eternal (LISTEN HERE)

Vanguard - Manifest

Vanguard – Manifest (LISTEN HERE)

We Are Magonia - The Living Will Envy The Dead

We Are Magonia – The Living Will Envy The Dead (LISTEN HERE)