Music Time! 3/16/16

So a crappy day at work means I need some music. So time again to put Media Monkey on shuffle and see what comes out.

ARTIST: De/Vision
SONG: New Drug
ALBUM: Monosex
YEAR: 1998

ARTIST: Anything Box
SONG: Hope
YEAR: 1993

ARTIST: Vicious Pink
SONG: Take Me Now (Extended Version)
ALBUM: Vicious Pink (Remastered Expanded Edition)
YEAR: 2012 (album)

ARTIST: Public Image Ltd.
SONG: (This Is Not A) Love Song (LP Version)
ALBUM: The Greatest Hits, So Far
YEAR: 1990

ARTIST: A Flock of Seagulls
SONG: Wishing (If I Had a Photography of You)
ALBUM: The Best of A Flock of Seagulls
YEAR: 1982

ARTIST: Covenant
SONG: Ritual Noise (Version S)
ALBUM: Ritual Noise EP
YEAR: 2006

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