My Poor Car! Storm Damage from January 6th.

While storm chasing I’ve received a few minor scratches and dings in my time from flying branches here and there, but never anything major. So I’m not missing the irony that when my car finally does receive storm damage, it’s when it’s parked in my own damn driveway. The wind was strong enough to knock down my basketball goal and it fell right on to my windshield. I’m lucky, as it appears to have hit on the leading edge, so that the full weight of the pole didn’t bash in the hood or roof. The bumper is a few millimeters off kilter, but there doesn’t appear to be any more damage that’s visible from the outside. Irony, it’s a bitch.

The storm was on 1/6. You know it was cold since I haven’t been outside to notice the damage at all. It was my girlfriend who noticed it today.








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