Synthentral Top 50 Albums of 2022

From 100 to 50! First step was to get down to 100 for the Top 100. Then I wittle it down to 50 for the Top 50 (here we are), and finally remove an additional 20 for the Top 30. The Top 30 will have a corresponding show with one song from each album.

As a reminder, here are the rules and guidelines I work with:

  • I only rate albums. There are tons of “best of” lists out there for singles and EPs.
    • An album consists of at least 7 original songs. Remixes, intro/outro, instrumentals, versions, compilations, etc. do not count toward the “at least 7.” Covers do count as long as it’s not an album of all covers.
  • I must have the album in my collection to rate it. If a band or label didn’t get it to me, I didn’t buy it, or get it from a DJ resource, then it’s not on my list to rate.
  • Song are rated individually and the album is rated overall for listenability, danceability, whether I wanted to skip any tracks, was I engaged from start to finish, etc.
  • Rating is weighted so an album with 7 songs does not have an edge (or handicap) to an album with 17 songs.
  • I post the Top 100 and Top 50 lists alphabetically and not in “countdown” style. The Top 30 will be in countdown style.
  • I post my list after the year is over so any album released late in December 2022 still gets a chance at making it on the list.

As I noted in the Top 100 list, I hope you disagree with my list and post some of your favorites that I didn’t include or I may have missed during the year and hope you’re as passionate about your favorite bands and albums from 2022 as I am mine!

I have “LISTEN HERE” links below each album cover, so go and listen (if you didn’t on the Top 100 list) and give each band and album a chance, and support the bands you like!

The Synthentral Top 50 for 2022 (in alphabetical order):

1984 – Sharp Dressed Men (LISTEN HERE)
Alex Sindrome – Eject (LISTEN HERE)
Am Tierpark – Forevermore (LISTEN HERE)
Any Second – Enemies (LISTEN HERE)
Blackbook – Confessions Of The Innocent (LISTEN HERE)
Blood Handsome – A New Calm (LISTEN HERE)
Causeway – We Were Never Lost (LISTEN HERE)
Chinese Theatre – Unfinished Business (LISTEN HERE)
Claustraphobia – Vita Et Mors (LISTEN HERE)
Code 64 – Broken Rhythm (LISTEN HERE)
Corlyx – Blood In The Disco (LISTEN HERE)
Current One – Praeludium (LISTEN HERE)
Dagon – Owen Sebastian (LISTEN HERE)
Deep Down Wise – Deep Down Wise (LISTEN HERE)
Die Robo Sapiens – Robo Sapien Race (LISTEN HERE)
Dreamkid – Dreamkid (LISTEN HERE)
e:lect – Disoriented Illusion (LISTEN HERE)
Eisfabrik – Life Below Zero (LISTEN HERE)
Electro Spectre – Stereo Dreams PT1 (LISTEN HERE)
Exsect – Opéra Mécanique (LISTEN HERE)
In My Despair – Last Mirage On The Earth (LISTEN HERE)
Incirrina – Lip Led Scream (LISTEN HERE)
Jason Alacrity – The Criminal Class (LISTEN HERE)
Kim Lunner – From Dusk To Dawn (LISTEN HERE)
Kondratie – Москва (LISTEN HERE)
Lucca Leeloo – Prosperous (LISTEN HERE)
Matthias & Marss – Plus One (LISTEN HERE)
Mental Discipline – Nothing To Die For (LISTEN HERE)
The Midnight Computers – Romantic Disaster (LISTEN HERE)
No – Domestic Pulse (LISTEN HERE)
Poison Point – Poisoned Gloves (LISTEN HERE)
Priest – Body Machine (LISTEN HERE)
A Projection – In A Different Light (LISTEN HERE)
Propter Hoc – History The Operator (LISTEN HERE)
Reflection – Anima (LISTEN HERE)
Reichsfeind – Darken (LISTEN HERE)
Risk Risk – Blue Science (LISTEN HERE)
Rue Oberkampf – Liebe (LISTEN HERE)
Sacred Skin – The Decline Of Pleasure (LISTEN HERE)
Solitary Experiments – Transcendent (LISTEN HERE)
Sydney Valette – Home Alone (LISTEN HERE)
Vandal Moon – Queen Of The Night (LISTEN HERE)
Vanguard – Spectrum (LISTEN HERE)
Voicecoil – Strange Days (LISTEN HERE)
VVMPYRE – Neon Night Fright (LISTEN HERE)
Xenturion Prime – Prisma (LISTEN HERE)
Zynic – Best Before End (LISTEN HERE)