Love Is Like Snow

Love Is Like Snow

Sometimes it’s a blizzard: coming in full gale force. Keeping you inside, smothered, and trapped – exiled from the rest of your world.

20140112aSometimes it’s a wet snow: beautiful and quickly accumulating, but not too long you realize how damaging the thick and heavy snow can be to your surroundings.

Sometimes it’s a slow accumulation: beautiful and inspiring and joyful and making you want to play in it like you were a child again, lost in the enthusiasm of its grandeur, catching flakes with your mouth, making snow angels, sledding, and being enthralled by everything that it is.

Sometimes it’s just flurries: teasing you with the prospect of a beautiful snow cover and making you think you are about to have fun… only to flit away with the clouds.

Sometimes it’s a light brushing: granting you a view of the beauty that could be if it only snowed some more, making you want more.

But in the end it all melts.

But never fear… it will snow again.