Synthentral! 20170216

New episode of Synthentral, a stream of synth-based music, is now online!

Today’s episode features music by Voster​, Vodsel​, Delphine Coma​, HAPAX​, nTTx​, Adoration Destroyed​, DAS MOON​, Nerd Revolt​, SynthAttack​, Petite Meller​, Lucifer’s dream​, Leaether Strip​, Tobias Bernstrup “Official”​, Origin-X​, Nórdika​, Fever High​, Artificial Monuments​, System Noire​, Promenade Cinéma​, Nano Infect​, Garten der Asche​, Real Life, Xander Harris​, In Good Faith​, Mint Julep​, Shiv-r​, and TORUL​!

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Real Life

“God Tonight” by Real Life.

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Words and music by David Sterry and Danny Simcic. © 1990 CURB Records.

When you look at me so honestly
And I can’t tell just what you see
Can I make you feel good
If I make you feel bad
Maybe you’re the best dream
That I ever had

Put your hand on your heart
When you tell me a lie
Put your lipstick on then put
Your lips on mine
You know I’m not perfect
And you know I’m not blind
But Wouldn’t it be good
If I was God tonight

If I could be God tonight
With Heaven in my hands
If I could be God tonight
All is calm in the promised land
If I could be God tonight
I’d lay my hands on you
If I could be God tonight
If I could be God
We need a miracle

To hell with money
To hell with guns
To hell with poverty
Death and drugs
To hell with hell
To hell with hate
To hell with fear
To hell with AIDS

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

“Kiss The Ground” by Real Life.

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Words and music by David Sterry and Steve Williams. © 1990 CURB Records.

Have you ever kissed an evangelist
If he won’t say please
Get him down on his knees
With a message of love
Sent from Heaven above
And it’s so obscene
Maybe you blaspheme

So kiss the ground
Kiss the ground
I love the sound when you kiss the ground

You can say goodbye
You can start to cry
But you’ve got to say please
When you’re down on your knees
With your own little sin
Come and show me some skin
You can pray so hard
On your credit card
Then kiss the ground