Atheists, The

“Some Kind of Heaven”by The Atheists.

Words and music by The Atheists.

People say in the USA
That they don’t believe in evolution
They’re trying to say we were made in one day
But they’re living in a mass delusion

I know when I
Lay down to die
I’m going back to the ground
Not floating around
In some kind of heaven

There ain’t no saviour
To check our behaviour
There isn’t any absolution
There’s just you and me and the earth and the sea
And the never ending evolution

Repeat chorus

The pious desperation of the holy men is driving me crazy
They’re really good at lying, either that or intellectually lazy

So read the good books the really good books
They’ll give you all the information
The biology and the chemistry
And the facts behind the real creation

Repeat chorus and slow fade

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

“Sweet Virgin Mary” by The Atheists.

Words and music by The Athesits, from the musical “Bad Boy Johnny & the Prophets of Doom.”

It wasn’t an immaculate conception
She’d been a dirty girl her mother cried
If only she had used some contraception
Coz’ baby’s got to eat
And money’s hard to come by

So now she advertises as the ‘Virgin Mary’
It’s the kind of thing that makes the clients smile
But you only have to take one look at Mary
To realise she’s played
the love game for awhile…

Sweet Virgin Mary
She’d like to get to know you well
But if you haven’t got the price of heaven baby
You can go to Hell

Sweet Virgin Mary
Wipe the lipstick off your face
Coz’ baby needs his mother now
And you’re the mother of the human race

While Mary walks the lonely streets of heartbreak
Young Johnny hangs around the pawnshop all alone
With nothing in his pocket but a heartache
He dreams of the guitar he wants to own

Yeah I’ll do anything to earn that six-string mister
But the mean shopkeeper he won’t make a deal
But that guitar’s like a babe, he can’t resist her
So late one night young Johnny learns to steal

She’ll lead you down the road to meet temptation
The bed is warm you might just stay a while
Then suddenly you’re lost with no salvation
And looking up you see temptation
Smile at you with expectation..

(Repeat Chorus x 2 and finish)

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

“Gene’s Lament” by The Atheists.

Words and music by The Atheists.

I’m trying to make sense of it all
Like why we’re spinning round on this ball
Rocking and a rolling round a fiery sun
Is there anybody out there
Or are we the only ones?
Yeah I’m trying to make sense of it all
Can anyone answer my call?
Where the hell’s it coming from and where does it go?
Is there some celestial puppeteer putting on the show?
If so, what’s she hiding from?
Does anybody know?
I don’t think so

I’m trying to make sense of it all
The Christians, Jews and Muslims and all
They all say that their god is the way, the truth, the light
And that’s the simple reason why they love to go and fight
Maiming and a killing in the name of righteousness
Oh man you’re really makin’ such a terrible mess
And I’m trying to make sense of it all
Meanwhile it’s getting kinda tropical
We’ve made it to the tree top now we’re fouling up the nest
We’re running out of water – and I think you know the rest
And yet we seem reluctant face up to the test
I think we’re heading over the fall
And I’m tryin’ to make sense of it all

Instrumental Break

I’m trying to make sense of it all
Like why we sit and watch the ice fall?
Crouchin’ like an ostrich with it’s head in the sand
Watching documentaries trying to make us understand
That this is the moment – the time is at hand
Before we hurtle over the fall
And I’m trying to make sense of it all

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

“Ban the Gun” by The Atheists.

Words and music by The Atheists.

I always believed it when they told me about creation
With God in his heaven up above
I always perceived mankind as one big united nation
And we were shaped like a dove
Living on love

But lately it seems to me the world is in fact divided
We’re killing and fighting everyday
Well I don’t believe that life’s a dream or our fate’s decided
So are you coming my way?
‘Cos I’ve got something to say

Ban the borders
Ban the bomb
Ban religion
Ban the gun
So join the chorus
Oh everyone
Mother Mary
Son’s of John
Why don’t you ban the gun?
Why won’t you ban the gun?

I couldn’t believe it when they told me about damnation
How could a cloud block out the sun?
Don’t let them persuade you to be swayed from your destination
‘Cos we’re banning the gun
You know it’s gotta be done

So give me a reason why we fly in the face of reason
Oh why do we seem to love to hate?
We’re all little children and we’ve locked ourselves out of Eden
So we’re storming the gate
Because it’s never too late

(repeat chorus)

Come on come on
Ban the gun

(repeat and fade)