Synthentral 20170827

New episode of Synthentral is now online!

Today’s episode features music by LCD Soundsystem, CTRL, The New Division, Canal Pop, Philip Oakley, Synapsyche, Glass Candy, NITE, bOUNdLEZZ, K-Bereit, SoftWave, Esselbon, Prager Handgriff, AccroGeist, Synthonation, Adoration Destroyed, Lorelei Dreaming, Oceanside85, The Static Architect, Eurotix, William Control, Stoneburner, Blind Faith And Envy, Hands Of Blue, Conmutadores, Mechanical Cabaret, Alphamay, Stockhaussen, Superikone, and Ray Noir!

Just click on the synthesizer below to listen!