BWAHAHA 1/3 – 1/9:

BWAHAHA (Blair’s Week Attempts at Haha’s) 1/3 – 1/9: Another slow week. At least I got get to participate in the #HashtagWars twice this week. The excitement this week was the cold and my car. On Tuesday, heavy winds and intermittent flurries came in and blew my basketball goal down on my car. It took my insurance company about an hour to figure out if they were going to claim the damage under my car insurance or my homeowner’s insurance. In the end they decided on my car insurance because the basketball goal is not a “permanent structure.” So that means a lower deductible, at least. However, even that is too much money for me to afford right now. So I guess I’ll get the windshield replaced (as soon as I save up that money) and deal with the damage to the bumper and roof when I have the deductible money (by have that money, I mean in a few years). So I’m carless (yes, that’s a word now) for awhile. Hopefully we don’t get any storms coming through since I can’t chase until I at least get the windshield repaired.

Sometimes, when I tell my girlfriend that I love her, she replies, “Do you really?” A few nights ago in bed she said she loved me and I replied, “Do you really?” She started laughing and said, “Wow, that’s so annoying, I’m never saying that again!” And that’s why I love her so much. Yes, really.


  • There are either a million spiders in my yard or my grass is frozen. #SparkleyEyes
  • A gay man who buys a home is a homeowner.


  • Did you hear about the pun whose left side was cut off? He’s all right pun. #AddAPunRuinAPun @midnight
  • I’m punning a book about anti-gravity. It’s impossible to pun down. #AddAPunRuinAPun @midnight
  • I’m glad I know pun language, it’s pretty pundy. #AddAPunRuinAPun @midnight
  • I couldn’t remember how to throw a punerange, but it came back to me. #AddAPunRuinAPun @midnight
  • Atheism is a pun-prophet organization. #AddAPunRuinAPun @midnight
  • Police were dispatched to a Kindergarten class where a three-year-old pun was resisting a rest. #AddAPunRuinAPun @midnight
  • You need an Ark to save two of every species? Well, I Noah pun! #AddAPunRuinAPun @midnight
  • In Vietnam I survived mustard gas. In peace protests I survived pepper spray. I’m now a seasoned pun! #AddAPunRuinAPun @midnight
  • I punned into a Thai spice rack, now I’m Thai dyed. #AddAPunRuinAPun @midnight
  • Punning a clock is very time consuming. #AddAPunRuinAPun @midnight
  • My puncycle couldn’t stand because it was two-tired. #AddAPunRuinAPun @midnight
  • I held the pun open for a clown, he punned me for the nice jester. #AddAPunRuinAPun @midnight
  • I punned on a grape and it let out a little whine. #AddAPunRuinAPun @midnight
  • I was told a pun about amnesia, but I’ve forgotten how it puns. #AddAPunRuinAPun @midnight
  • The Wizard of Osmosis #MakeAMovieSmarter @midnight
  • Singin’ in the Brain #MakeAMovieSmarter @midnight
  • The Maltese Falconinae #MakeAMovieSmarter @midnight
  • Snow White and the Seven Dwarf Stars #MakeAMovieSmarter @midnight
  • On the H2O Front #MakeAMovieSmarter @midnight
  • Raging Bull Market #MakeAMovieSmarter @midnight
  • Once Upon a Time in the Western Medicine #MakeAMovieSmarter @midnight
  • The Silence of the Lamba Lamda Lamda #MakeAMovieSmarter @midnight
  • Fe Homo Sapiens #MakeAMovieSmarter @midnight