BWAHAHA 4/18 – 4/24

BWAHAHA (Blair’s Week Attempts at Haha’s) 4/18 – 4/24: Just as I’m starting to feel better with the upper respiratory infection (which I still have three weeks later), I blow my back out doing trivial shit. Back problems are so weird. I can lift 30lb boxes all day and be just fine and then lean over to grab the garlic powder and be paralyzed for life. This blowout is really bad. It’s actually caused partial paralysis and the pain was (and is) excruciating. Going to the ER wasn’t going to do me any good sitting in those shitty plastic chairs for five hours just waiting for triage. So I opted to go see my regular doctor so I could get a referral to a neurologist. In the meantime, while waiting for that appointment to come around, I’ll just sit here in pain. Thanks American healthcare system! We’re #1! We’re #1! We’re #1!

I’m honored to now be part of the Tornado Wx Chasers team! Providing the public with severe weather alerts, information, and ground truth from chasers and spotters. ‪#‎ForeverChasing‬


  • GF: Why do you always have to argue? Me: What are you talking about? I never argue.
  • While my back blowout has caused me issues and excruciating pain, it solved two existing issues. Nerves are fickle.
  • Luckily, I don’t listen to my doctor. My doc said, “Take as needed for pain.” I’d take one every minute and OD if I listened to my doctor!


  • Nothing says the weekend like Pepsi and Anal Lube.

    Nothing says the weekend like Pepsi and Anal Lube.

  • Switzerland reports that the few citizens who couldn't read English all drowned yesterday.

    Switzerland reports that the few citizens who couldn’t read English all drowned yesterday.

Grammar Nazis Are Annoying

Grammar Nazis our knot just annoyin’, they fail too understand the evolution of language & that understanding a idea is Moore important then how u espress it. Grammer Notsees postin’ how their rite inn 5… 4… 3… 2…

Grammar Nazis really only have a point when it comes to professional writing. Most of us understand that you have to write professionally on your resume, English paper, and your college thesis. WE FUCKING GET IT! But you’re Grammar-Naziing the fuck out of people on social media and you look like a pretentious horse’s ass.

GrammarNaziSee, you can’t translate written text the same way you would translate verbal text. Sure, in written form, that lack of comma looks funny and I’m eating a dog instead of the dog and I eating together. But when I say that sentence to you and you don’t see the written text: guess what. IT MOTHERFUCKING WORKS JUST MOTHERFUCKING FINE! Why? Because it’s the idea – not the presentation – that matters in communications.

The important point of language is not grammar, but communicating ideas, and if those ideas are communicated properly and understanding is there, then that’s all that matters. Language evolves and Grammar Nazis just don’t seem to get that. They want the rules that were in place yesterday to be in place today, tomorrow, and beyond. It’s a failure to understand language evolution. If language didn’t evolve and Grammar Nazis always had their way, we’d all still be speaking Neanderthal or even worse, Shakespearean English!

What really makes me giggle is that Grammar Nazis don’t seem to understand context. They’re either too ignorant to understand it or they’re too literal to understand it. Either one is a bad place to be: be that in text or spoken language. How do they deal with dyslexia or learning disorders? I’ve seen Grammar Nazis hound someone with a learning disorder because to them the proper grammar and spelling were more important than the fact that someone with a learning disorder was effectively communicating in written form. And what’s the fucking point? So you can prove your intellectual superiority over someone? So you can make yourself feel like you have balls online? So you can make others feel little because Johnny Football picked on you in high school?

Or is it just that you have nothing to contribute to the conversation at all, so you’ll point out the lack of a comma or give someone shit for “their” instead of “they’re?”

I appreciate grammar and spelling and go out of my way to make sure I’m doing it right. I’m just not an asshole who corrects people when they don’t need correcting.

Stephen Fry nails it: