Music Time! “Work” Edition. 4/21/16


I’m sitting on a conference call to activate a T1 in Florida. Mostly boring twiddling of thumbs waiting for others to get their work done so we can take the next step. So… music to pass the time by more quickly. I wonder how many songs I have with the word “work” in the title…

ARTIST: The B-52’s
SONG: Work That Skirt
ALBUM: Whammy!
YEAR: 1983

ARTIST: Depeche Mode
SONG: Work Hard
ALBUM: People Are People
YEAR: 1984

SONG: Working In a Coal Mine
ALBUM: New Traditionalists
YEAR: 1981

ARTIST: Dramarama
SONG: Work For Food
ALBUM: Best of Dramarama
YEAR: 1993

ARTIST: Empire State Human
SONG: I Work for the Government
ALBUM: Pop Robot
YEAR: 2002

ARTIST: The Escape Club
SONG: Working for the Fatman
ALBUM: Wild Wild West
YEAR: 1988

ARTIST: Front 242
SONG: Work 01
ALBUM: Front By Front
YEAR: 1988

ARTIST: Kate Bush
SONG: This Woman’s Work
ALBUM: The Sensual World
YEAR: 1989

ARTIST: New Order
SONG: Working Overtime
ALBUM: Waiting for the Siren’s Call
YEAR: 2005

ARTIST: Oingo Boingo
SONG: Wild Sex (In the Working Class)
ALBUM: Nothing To Fear
YEAR: 1982

ARTIST: Planet P Project
SONG: Work (Will Make You Free)
ALBUM: 1931 – (Go Out Dancing – Part 1)
YEAR: 2005

ARTIST: Regenerator
SONG: Work
ALBUM: Debugged
YEAR: 1999

SONG: Finest Worksong
ALBUM: Document
YEAR: 1987

ARTIST: Shriekback
SONG: Working on the Ground
ALBUM: Natural History- The Very Best Of Shriekback
YEAR: 1983 (song)

ARTIST: Tears for Fears
SONG: The Working Hour
ALBUM: Songs from the Big Chair (Expanded Edition)
YEAR: 1985

ARTIST: They Might Be Giants
SONG: Working Undercover For The Man
ALBUM: Mink Car
YEAR: 2001

SONG: Senses Working Overtime
ALBUM: Waxworks: Some Singles 1977-1982
YEAR: 1982

Music Time! 2/9/16

Let’s see what MediaMonkey shuffle has in store for us today, 2/9/16.

SONG: Nocturne (6 O’Clock Mix)
ALBUM: Children of Chaos
YEAR: 1992

ARTIST: Dramarama
SONG: Anything, Anything
ALBUM: Cinéma Vérité
YEAR: 1985

ARTIST: Fiction 8
SONG: Sacrifice
ALBUM: Project Phoenix
YEAR: 2009

ARTIST: Solitary Experiments
SONG: No Surrender
ALBUM: In The Eye Of The Beholder
YEAR: 2009

ARTIST: Front 242
SONG: Animal
ALBUM: Angels Versus Animals
YEAR: 1993

ARTIST: Gary Numan
SONG: Observer
ALBUM: The Pleasure Principal
YEAR: 1978

ARTIST: Dawn of Ashes
SONG: Blood Shattered Cross
ALBUM: The Crypt Injection (Euro Edition)
YEAR: 2008

SONG: For Love
ALBUM: Spooky
YEAR: 1992

SONG: Machine
ALBUM: Cryogenic (Limited Edition)
YEAR: 2006

ARTIST: The Bolshoi
SONG: Waspy
ALBUM: Friends
YEAR: 1986

ARTIST: Shiny Toy Guns
SONG: Turn to Real Life
ALBUM: Season of Poison
YEAR: 2008

ARTIST: NamNamBulu
SONG: Answers
ALBUM: Distances
YEAR: 2003

ARTIST: mesh
SONG: The Way I Feel
ALBUM: Automation Baby
YEAR: 2013

ARTIST: The Bodines
SONG: The Back Door
ALBUM: Played
YEAR: 1987

ARTIST: X-Marks the Pedwalk
SONG: I Promise You a Murder
ALBUM: The Killing Had Begun
YEAR: 1993