BWAHAHA: 4/1 – 4/7

BWAHAHA (Blair’s Week Attempts at Haha’s) 4/1 – 4/7: I didn’t do shit this week. In fact, I’m posting this three days late. Why? Because my life has made a turn toward the incredibly happy. I’ve found it hard to be funny when I’m this happy. I’m used to being pissed off and mad all the time and that was the source of my humor. It’s also hard to find time to be funny when you want to spend your free time with someone else: when your total mind and thought are dedicated to your life with another human being.

I find moments now and then, hence a few things below, but I find these rare moments lacking. Not just lacking my normal hate/rage-based self, but lacking the humor I’m used to. They feel forced to me. They may be funny or they may not be, but I have to find the funny myself. I find myself these last few weeks questioning my place in comedy and how (and if) I will continue to do comedy. I’m still the class clown with my friends, but that doesn’t translate well to the stage. So I either have to find my rage again (which I don’t want to do) or find a way to incorporate my comedy into my newly found happiness. Until then… be patient: or don’t be patient. Either way is fine with me.

I will, regardless of any decision I make, continue to do the Critical Eye Podcast. Speaking of such, Tom is back in town and I’m hoping to get him back on as a guest at least, and maybe we can convince him to come back full time!


I don’t care how awake you are when you sit down: waiting rooms just make you tired.


Finally watched Anchorman 2. My favorite part was the soundtrack.


Me make fire! Me have beer. Me have woman. Now me need kill Mammoth!


Someone help me… I’ve accidentally found redneck heaven. #FleaMarket

I thought I was at a Drag Queen convention, then someone told me it’s prom night.


No more buffet for John! He will be missed.


I went camping last weekend and my girlfriend took a picture of me all bundled up in a blanket sitting close to the fire. Some of my friends’ comments on this picture were “These are not the droids you’re looking for,” “Use the Force, Luke,” “Need a pacifier?,” and “Swaddling cloths.” My friends are silly… but maybe they’re onto something.


My friend Cory, inspired by the “swaddling cloth” comment, decided that my picture needed to be Photoshopped into something more grand: