Synthentral! 20170216

New episode of Synthentral, a stream of synth-based music, is now online!

Today’s episode features music by Voster​, Vodsel​, Delphine Coma​, HAPAX​, nTTx​, Adoration Destroyed​, DAS MOON​, Nerd Revolt​, SynthAttack​, Petite Meller​, Lucifer’s dream​, Leaether Strip​, Tobias Bernstrup “Official”​, Origin-X​, Nórdika​, Fever High​, Artificial Monuments​, System Noire​, Promenade Cinéma​, Nano Infect​, Garten der Asche​, Real Life, Xander Harris​, In Good Faith​, Mint Julep​, Shiv-r​, and TORUL​!

Just click on the synthesizer below to listen to the stream!


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