Synthentral! 20170214 PAIN!

New episode of Synthentral, a stream of synth-based music, is now online!

Today’s episode is about pain… because I’m in a lot of pain after throwing my back out.

Today’s episode features music by avoid-a-void​, reADJUST​, AND ONE​, Ven Bravo, Phosgore​, The Second Sight​, Rename​, Anguisette​, Voice Industrie​, Northern Lite​, Neuropa​, Mondträume​, Anything Box​, FrozenPlasma​, Etylen, ARMAGEDDON DILDOS​, Raindancer​, Tristesse de la Lune​, Reaxion Guerrilla​, Rein[Forced]​, [DK], Cryo​, BIOMEKKANIK​, Fredrik Croona​, Information Society​, Dekoy, V1rtual D3scent, Blind Effects​, and Blitzmaschine​!

Just click on the synthesizer below to listen to the stream!


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