Don’t Believe Everything You Read About Storm Chasers/Trackers/Spotters


I hate when people post RadarScope pictures of “convergence” and their scale is 50 miles. Of course it looks packed! Now zoom in and you’ll see hundreds of yards between the five vehicles on a single road. And a significant portion of those “red dots” are actually spotters – not chasers, sitting in their house looking out a window, or ARES operators doing their thing.

ERMAGERD! It's a "convergence!"

ERMAGERD! It’s a “convergence!”

Even at the Greensburg, KS “convergence,” we still had hundreds of yards between us and our fellow chasers. Even when we stopped at the gas station, there were no more than 25 of us (people, not cars). The gas station owner was glad to see 25 people in his gas station buying drinks and snacks and filling up their cars because the next gas station was in a town 50 miles to the west.

Everywhere we stop people ask us about our equipment and the weather and what they should do and where they should go and thank us for doing what we do. People honk and wave at us all the time. Not once have we experience anything negative with locals. Not. Once.

I have no doubt that at some point there will be a “convergence” on a road that becomes dangerous because it limits evacuation routes. But I haven’t seen that yet personally (I have seen one video of a clogged road, but no one was in danger and the storm was still over 20 miles away). For me personally, if I come across a road that does have too many chasers on it, I’ll find another road or another storm if I have to. Maybe one day I’ll run into that, but so far, I haven’t.

I can’t speak for everyone, but I’m not in it for the money. Never have been. Never will be. Even when media outlets offer money or ask how much I want, I never accept and let them use it for free. My response is usually, “No money necessary, please share with credit, and get the word out to make the public aware of these dangers.” Public safety is why I do it. I report to NWS, 911, or the local EMA as necessary. I post on social media to let people know what’s happening on the ground.

Have no doubt, this isn’t public service for public service’s sake. I absolutely get a joy out of the weather and chasing. But the love I have for it provides an opportunity for use in public service and I do just that.

Now the reason why I wrote all this is because I absolutely agree with this editorial.

Attacking storm chasers doesn’t accomplish anything, and it’s often misinformed

Music Time! 6/5/16


It’s Sunday and up before noon! Time to get the day going with some music!

These guys are actually going to be in concert here in Austin on June 12 at The Sidewinder along with Nite, The Nimbus, and Lustron
Event details:
Alter Der Ruine with Nite, The Nimbus, Lustron, and DJ Scorpio

ARTIST: Alter Der Ruine
SONG: I Am Drugs
ALBUM: There’s Always One More Son Of A Bitch
YEAR: 2012

Mr. Numan is working on a new album right now! I contributed early in the campaign and I’m so looking forward to it!

ARTIST: Gary Numan Official
SONG: Boys Like Me
ALBUM: Dance
YEAR: 1981

ARTIST: Regenerator
SONG: Airbourne
ALBUM: Disease (Limited Edition)
YEAR: 2005

ARTIST: Celebrate the Nun
SONG: Unattainable Love
ALBUM: Meanwhile (Deluxe Edition)
YEAR: 1989

ARTIST: Decades
SONG: Motorcycle Ride
ALBUM: Secrecy
YEAR: 2007

SONG: Scream
ALBUM: Closet Wanderings (Deluxe Edition)
YEAR: 2009

ARTIST: Valium Era
SONG: Guns Don’t Kill
ALBUM: Valium Era
YEAR: 2008

ARTIST: Pride and Fall
SONG: The Comforter
ALBUM: Of Lust and Desire
YEAR: 2013

SONG: Electric Man
ALBUM: Update 3.0 (Limited Edition)
YEAR: 2010

SONG: Reflections
ALBUM: Dreamweb
YEAR: 2005

ARTIST: Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark (OMD)
SONG: So In Love
ALBUM: Crush
YEAR: 1985

ARTIST: Culture Kultür
SONG: New Born Mind
ALBUM: Reborn
YEAR: 2005

ARTIST: Camouflage
SONG: Handsome
ALBUM: Meanwhile
YEAR: 1991

ARTIST: Attic Base
SONG: Drop It
ALBUM: Night Vision
YEAR: 2002

ARTIST: Ladytron
SONG: Fighting In Built Up Areas
ALBUM: Witching Hour
YEAR: 2005

ARTIST: the echoing green
SONG: Oxygen
ALBUM: Hope Springs Eternal
YEAR: 1997

SONG: Decay
ALBUM: Nowhere
YEAR: 2001

ARTIST: Implant
SONG: The Creature
ALBUM: Audio Blender
YEAR: 2006

ARTIST: Signal Aout 42
SONG: Transformation
ALBUM: Transformation
YEAR: 2007

ARTIST: Dirty Vegas
SONG: Given You Everything
YEAR: 2004

Music Time! 6/2/16


Just wasting time before going to bed with some random music. Hopefully I’ll introduce you to a band you didn’t know.

ARTIST: Fractured
SONG: Straight Jacket Fashion
ALBUM: Beneath The Ashes
YEAR: 2011

ARTIST: Angels & Agony
SONG: Forward (Club Mix)
ALBUM: Unison (Limited Edition)
YEAR: 2007

ARTIST: Flesh Field
SONG: Reflect the Enemy
ALBUM: Strain
YEAR: 2004

ARTIST: Public Image Limited
SONG: Rules And Regulation
ALBUM: Happy?
YEAR: 1987

ARTIST: Apoptygma Berzerk
SONG: Asleep or Awake
ALBUM: Rocket Science
YEAR: 2008

ARTIST: Cause & Effect
SONG: Sleep
ALBUM: Artificial Construct Part One
YEAR: 2010

ARTIST: Machines of Loving Grace
SONG: Terminal City
ALBUM: Machines of Loving Grace
YEAR: 1991

ARTIST: Deine Lakaien
SONG: Carriage Song
ALBUM: Winter Fish Testosterone
YEAR: 1996

ARTIST: Bad Religion
SONG: Give You Nothing
ALBUM: Suffer
YEAR: 1988

SONG: Counterfeit
ALBUM: Impact Zone
YEAR: 2008

ARTIST: Erasure
SONG: Heart of Stone
ALBUM: The Innocents
YEAR: 1988

ARTIST: Run Level Zero
SONG: My Tormentor (E-Craft Remix)
ALBUM: In Between
YEAR: 2002

ARTIST: Fischerspooner
SONG: Ritz 107
ALBUM: Odyssey (Limited Edition)
YEAR: 2005

ARTIST: The Girl and the Robot
SONG: I Don’t Care
ALBUM: Whole-Flowers EP
YEAR: 2010

SONG: Kamikaze
ALBUM: Rockets + Swords (Limited Edition)
YEAR: 2012

ARTIST: marsheaux
SONG: Loss Of Heaven
ALBUM: Lumineux Noir (Limited Edition)
YEAR: 2009