Alabama: Get Over Yourself

GayAlabamaThe Alabama probate judges reversed their opinion on the issuance of gay marriage licenses in the state of Alabama, after the federal judge clarified her position (because the probate judges initially said her ruling only applied to the couple in the case) in order to inform the probate judges that they were fucking morons who didn’t understand the law, and that it actually did apply to THE ENTIRE FUCKING STATE!

Then, just a few hours later, Tommy Ragland announces that there are staff shortages and that no marriage licenses or JOP ceremonies will be performed starting Monday. He insists that this was planned for months. So let me get this straight, you’ve had staff shortages for months, but decided months ago to not do anything about it until months later (aka this fucking Monday)? Am I really hearing this right?

Skeptical Blair is skeptical…

And then of course, our idiot Chief Justice, Roy Moore, decides to get involved and tell the Governor of Alabama to ignore the federal judge. Yeah, how’d that go for you last time Moore when you ignored a federal judge and were impeached?

Speaking of that, how in the motherfucking fuck, did an impeached Chief Justice get reelected to Chief Justice? How the fuck does that even happen? Oh yeah, because here in Alabama, if you love Jesus more than everyone else, you’ll get elected over the guy who actually knows how to do the job. I’d give Moore a tiny bit of slack if he actually knew how to be a fucking judge. But Moore is the most over-turned judge in the history of Alabama! He’s a judicial nightmare who wouldn’t know the law if it slapped him with a gay penis on his forehead!

It’s time for Roy Moore to retire and STFU. It’s time for Alabama to get over itself and move on.

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