Catching Up: 20121030 Sun Dogs

Continuing the catching up series. Click on any photo to see the full size image.

On October 30th north Alabama got to see seven sun dogs at one time. I was able to see five from my back yard. The other two were below the tree line.

20121030 Sun Dogs:

2012-10-30 16.43.32 2012-10-30 16.44.07 2012-10-30 16.44.41b 2012-10-30 16.45.03b 2012-10-30 16.45.17 2012-10-30 16.42.38b 2012-10-30 16.42.44 2012-10-30 16.42.50n 2012-10-30 16.43.13b 2012-10-30 16.43.19b 2012-10-30 16.43.24 2012-10-30 16.43.24b

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