Rocket Wrangler Stirs It Up In Huntsville

10294310_690993640946800_2486483394369753529_nThe Rocket Wrangler is a satirical web page that makes fun of Huntsville, Alabama and the surrounding areas. The page was created by Huntsville comedian Danielle Kolle and multiple local comedians contribute articles to the satirical page.

On July 9th, the Rocket Wrangler posted an article about a new proposal for a stadium in Big Spring Park (Huntsville City Planner Has Surprise Announcement). The story was shared across Facebook by Huntsvillians creating a lot of controversy as people thought the story was real. Today, WHNT reported on the story (Satirical news website ‘The Rocket Wrangler’ stirs new stadium rumors).

Congratulations to The Rocket Wrangler for capturing the gullible with great satire.

On a side note, the WHNT article mentions one of the articles I wrote (Huntsville Hospital’s Medical Mall Weighs TV Options After FOX News Fight).

You can find The Rocket Wrangler on Facebook and at their Web Page.

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