My 9th Grade Psychic Power

So the other day I was going through my old poems (I haven’t written in years) and stumbled upon a poem I wrote in 1986 called “Circle of Light.” It struck me as funny second line in the third stanza. Here is the poem in its entirety:

Circle Of Light

Circle of light flies high
glowing aura touches ground
eyes of moon on land spies
awaiting death from ominous sound

Lips of man cringe in pain
yellow flowers bloom ’round
eyes of blue, turn red insane
ethics, morals, none be found

Hot blood flows through and through
stalking through Le ‘Ole Bayou
lobes of large searching sound
a savior, a knight, not be found

Movement within, jump of an arm
soul of victim bounce and pound
old men speak of chicken farms
fear from people, villages, towns

Circle of light flies high
kin of hound, ominous sound
stalking the swamp, prey tonight
people’s fear, rid this town

Le ‘Ole Bayou? Really? So my unknown psychic powers either predicted True Blood or Duck Dynasty. Take that Nostradamus!

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