“Infidel” by Nukleon.

Words and music by Dan Burke. © 2003 Nukleon.

You’ve done your deed for the last time
Keep what’s yours, don’t take what’s mine
seething anger under our blast sheilds
You can hide-but u cannot run from us
The rest of your life

Take position on the other side
Hearts bleed but our tears have dried
Damnation of your futile cause
we’ll hunt you down, till you die

Inquisition is your final cause
we’ll hunt you down until you die

Spare us all your fanatic minds
criminal verse you proselytize
We don’t need your false regime
Don’t call us Infidels, we’re free

We’ll hunt them down
for the way they oppress them
we’ll hunt them down oh
you can’t trust them
Oh It’s got to be better
Got to be better
Oh mother so many lives lost..
so many lives
so many lives

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