Have Atheists Read the Bible?

I have read the Bible many times and most of the atheists that I know have read it, too.

The first time I read the Bible I was looking for answers and probably looking for a god. Ironically, the tool I used to find God that led me away. The Bible is full of contradictions, errors and inconsistencies.

Based on scientific evidence there was no way the Bible could be right. The acts of the Biblical God and the way the Biblical God behaved made me realize that Christianity (and Judaism indirectly) was not a good religion.

I checked out the Koran only to discover that Mohamed had stolen the idea for Islam from the Christianity, so Allah is just another version of the Christian and Jewish God. That is why we refer to their god as the JCI God (Judeo-Christian-Islamic) god.

I checked out Buddhism and realized that while it did not have a god (some Buddhists have elevated Buddha to godhood, but that is a sect of Buddhism) it was still too spiritual and “mystical”.

I checked out Hinduism only to find out that you had to believe in more than one god (at least more than one incarnation of a god). I was having a hard enough time believing in one, how in the hell was I going to manage more than one?

Been there…. done that…

The Bible is full of great stories, but that is all they are. Anyone who takes the account of the flood literally, while viewing and understanding the evidence against a global flood in the world around them, either is not completely in touch with reality or refuses to let go of their psychological need for faith. It is a blatant form of intellectual dishonesty.

There is absolutely no proof whatsoever that the global flood, as depicted in the Bible, ever happened. Tons of evidence says the global flood never happened. People believe in the Noachian flood on faith. They forsake the truth in order to keep the peace with their imaginary friend they call God. Whatever floats your boat (pun intended).

Bottom line is that most theists would be surprised to find out how many atheists there are because of the sacred texts of religions. It is the very thing that the theist worships that turned people away from that theistic belief. The rational and logical mind reading the irrational babble of delusional writers walks away thinking, “They want me to believe THAT?”

It is funny how theists think that atheists have never read the Bible, the Koran, or any other sacred text. We have read them and it was in reading them that our atheism was often founded or at least solidified.

There is a difference between reading the Bible and understanding the Bible. The majority of Christians do not understand the Bible nor do they know the history of the Bible and how it came to be. Most atheists that I know understand the Bible a lot better than Christians and can actually see what is in the Bible.

I have read the Bible (many times), the Koran, Torah, Bhagavad-Gita, Kabala, and many others.

The theist seems to think that if I read the Bible that I would not be an Atheist; as if the only reason I am an Atheist is that I have not heard the “Good News.” Theists seem to think that during my 30-plus years in America and overseas that I never heard about this Jesus fellow.

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