Do Atheists Refuse to Believe In God?

I usually get this statement near the end of a discussion when the theist is running out of options. It is usually followed by “But everybody worships something! What do atheists worship?”

It is at this point that the theist is attempting to rationalize his or her beliefs by saying they are doing nothing more than what everyone else does. Everyone else is doing it, so why can I not?

Is that really such a good policy to live by? I know it is a last minute ditch to justify their beliefs, but come on people! We teach kids, “Just because little Johnny jumps off a bridge does that mean you should, too?” So why do theists, as adults, completely disregard their own teachings to their children?

There are no gods that atheists “refuse” to believe in. Many Atheists searched for a god and only found that a belief in gods was irrational and that defined gods did not logically exist.

I personally searched for a god and found that the belief in a god was irrational. It is not a refusal to believe in something real. It is a conclusion of lack a belief based on the evidence and research conducted.

One of the things that I constantly do is ensure that my conclusions are correct as new evidence, data, and knowledge become available. As new data comes in, I have to compare that new data to my current conclusions. Should my conclusion need modification because of the new evidence or data then I will do it.

What this means is that it will not take a miracle to make me a theist – it will just take solid evidence and the proper data for me to modify my current conclusion about theistic belief.

If there were any evidence that a god existed, then I would believe in that god. Of course, if evidence were available then it would not be an issue of belief – but of acceptance and conclusion.

The very word belief is indicative of the fact that belief is required in the first place. We can believe in many things – but knowing is much better.

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